RV solar power and
RV fuel economy

Imagine RVing fulltime or taking an RV vacation while saving money and the planet with RV solar power, RV fuel economy and the best prices on RV rentals.

Saving money lets you spend more time traveling and less time working.

At any time it's smart to make your RV greener.

It's even more important when times are tough, such as now. Fuel prices are up. The economy is down. Maybe RVing seems out of reach. But don't worry, RVGreening.com has tips, techniques and tools to keep you RVing.

RV solar power, boondocking and more

Do you love RVing?

We do. I have spent most of my adult life in, on and occasionally under one or other RV, from the simplest to some of the more complex ones. I have bought, sold, rented, driven, repaired and lived in them. I even built one once.

This website is for new and experienced RVers. For fulltimers and for people who only rent an RV once. Welcome, click on any of the links in the menus and you'll find a feast of RVing info.

RVing is about having fun, exploring the country and staying afloat financially. We'll help you:

  • get the sun to run your equipment from iPhones to refrigerators
  • free camp (boondock) in the best spots
  • save on repairs, fuel and tires
  • spend less on unnecessary equipment
  • save on the gear you really need
  • eat better and more cheaply
  • be able to travel longer, perhaps even RV full time
  • do all this without needing to work as much.

We made this website because we couldn't find the info we needed when we were looking for a greener RV. No website answered more than a few questions. So we mapped our journey to a greener RV so we can help you find your ideal RV without the hassles we had.

And we keep adding information as we find it out there on the road, in the saleyards, at the shows and from other RVers. This means you learn from those of us who have made lots of mistakes and don't make the same mistakes.

Is green RVing for you?

Green RVing means:

  • using an RV that consumes less fuel of all types, such as through smart use of RV solar power
  • has less impact on the environment and as a result
  • allows you to go for longer without adding fuel, returning to base, spending money or having to go back to work.

Such an RV may use RV solar power, wind power, biofuel and lots of other ways to be greener. Or it may just save you moving as often and thus cut your fuel use and costs.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Would you enjoy RVing more if you didn't have to work?
  • Are you willing to give up a few comforts to get more freedom from 9-5 and more time on the road?
  • Would you like to travel for longer and see more sights?
  • Would you like to RV fulltime?
  • Is a low running cost valuable?
  • Are you willing to invest some time and energy to get the RV and equipment to suit your travel style, needs, personal style and budget?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then a green RV is probably ideal for you.

We hunt out the best RVs, tools, tips and techniques so yo can get your ideal RV. This will become your one-stop RV info shop for finding out what you need.

Green RVing can be much less damaging to the planet and can even reduce your carbon footprint compared to living in a conventional house.

Whether you are about to buy your first RV or you have had several RVs, RVgreening.com can help you. And we will bring you lots of RV solar power info too.

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