RV humor

RV humor lightens up what for some people is a serious business. For others, RVing is just about fun.

For me, RVing is all about having a good time. Sometimes having a good time involves finding something funny, even if it's not your own RVing. So here we present some humor to lift your day, whether you're in an RV or not at the time.

This section will grow as we find more suitable items to add. Eventually, we will add the capacity for you to help us by sending us whatever you find funny, warm or delightful about the world of RVs and RVers.

At the moment we don't have that capacity on the website, but we will certainly add it as soon as we can. Watch this space.

So here's our first bit of humor, although it's more about the people you're likely to find in an RV than specifically about RVs or RVers.

If this RV humor in the form of a baby boomer humor video doesn't get your feet tapping, your face smiling and your mood lifting, have someone check your pulse immediately:

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