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Welcome from an RVing couple who will RV fulltime in a few years after our last child finishes school. Then we can fully enjoy our travels.

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RV in Texas for $250 a week for a couple

You can RV in Texas - it's big, warm and affordable, you will love it and you can do the Lone Star State for less than $250 a week for a couple if you boondock it.

Two people who have spent a lot of time there have written an excellent and very affordable ebook that covers almost everything you need to know to boondock TX for less than $250 a week for a couple in a motorhome. Read more.

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RV fulltime on $50 a day for a couple

Imagine being able to spend your life on the road, for just $50 a day for the two of you or about half that if you travel alone. That sounds like a good deal to me. You can do it without skimping, as this couple and many others couples and singles show.

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RV fulltime tips - Part 1

Robert wanted some help in choosing an RV to fulltime in since his divorce. Here is what we said. It's the first of our Q&A pages on fulltime RVing.

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More pages on boondocking and free camping

We've just expanded and updated our boondocking page and created two new pages linked from it. One covers boondocking America: USA, Canada and Mexico with more links to more sites.The other covers free camping Australia.Check them out...

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It's not rocket science: You can streamline your RV

Once you are up to 55 km/h or 35 mph, air drag causes around half your fuel use and slows you down. When you go faster, drag increases dramatically.

If you cut drag, you can keep the same speed on less fuel or use the same amount of fuel but travel faster. A streamlined rig is safer and has more stability at speeds above that.

How do you do it? NASA developed a way to streamline your RV and save fuel and money. It was one of the spinoffs from streamlining the Space Shuttle.

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Poptop RVs or rigid-walled RVs - how to choose

Poptop RVs and rigid-walled RVs each have advantages and disadvantages. Just as in any other RV buying decision, there are trade-offs. But when choosing between rigid walls and poptops the trade-offs are less obvious than in some other RV choices.

So here's help with getting the right one for you.

Plus there's my take on The Poptop RV of the future? It has hard walls AND a poptop. There are lots of us regular RVers who want our comfort and security when camping without losing the benefits of low drag and better clearance on the road or track.

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Rooftop tents do more than go on the roof

Rooftop tents do more than go on the roof, they allow you to turn almost any vehicle into an RV by adding a rooftop tent. They are practical, cute and fun, like a treehouse on wheels

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Don't camp there!

We were planning to free camp (boondock) in a national park, but the camping area was closed for refurbishing. So we stopped on the roadside to make a cup of coffee and plan where we would spend the night.
I was just out of the driving seat when I noticed a car take off from the village down the side road and come barreling towards us.
It stopped and the man came over to our RV door, obviously in a state of urgency. I figured he would ask us to move on...
Well, he did, but not quite as I thought...

It turned out he had just had his village designate an area as an RV overnighting spot and he wanted his first "customer". We wanted to be in the middle of a forest, so we weren't interested.
However, it goes to show how things can turn out.

Boondocking and free camping

Boondocking and free camping mean camping off the grid, away from shore power, dump points and serviced campgrounds. To do it you need to be self-sufficient or close to it. The reward: Camping this way gets you closer to nature, saves you money and makes for more and better places to stay. To read more about free camping and boondocking...

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