Which is the best basecamp RV for you?

Because everybody is different, there is no single answer to the question: "Which is the best basecamp RV?" However, we will help you work it out to suit YOU.

Only you can make the choice, but we can help you get the best result.

Some people only use their RV for their annual holidays. Others are away every chance they get. Some are used mostly on weekends.

And some lucky people have answered the question: "Which is the best basecamp RV?" so well that they are now fulltiming.

But what is the best basecamp RV for each of these people and for the many variations on what they do, where they go and what they need and want in these base camps and away from their base camps?

Now the plot gets thicker. RVs come in all shapes, sizes and styles and all of them have advantages and disadvantages for different people and certain situations. This list will give you some idea of where and how you might use different types to get the best basecamp RV for your situation.

A basecamp means you can go to your ideal destination and use the RV as a home away from home. This often requires that the RV is left in place while a separate vehicle is used to explore the area, go shopping etc. If so, the RV needs to separate from the transport vehicle. Suitable combinations of vehicles include:

  • Travel trailer or caravan, towed behind a vehicle which can carry the whole family such as a car or a dual cab truck, utility or pickup.
  • More than one driver in more than one vehicle, one of which is an RV and the other is suitable as a runabout
  • Motorhome with enough pedal-powered bicycles for anyone who wants to explore.
  • Motorhome or other RV that tows or carries a motorbike or small runabout car or SUV to take people around while the RV stays parked. Some of these are sold as toy haulers - motorhomes or travel trailers/caravans with a parking bay for motorcycles or quad bikes. These are mainly aimed at boys and their toys. The bay is usually in the rear and your toys travel inside the RV with you. If you are buying one of these and you are not fond of the smell of petrol, rubber, diesel or oil, make sure there is a good seal between the toy area and the human area. Otherwise you breathe it all night long.
  • Truck camper that can be split into the camper and the truck. A truck camper is also flexible enough to allow you to tow a trailer or a "toad", a small runabout that allows you to leave the truck camper in place while you explore.
  • Camper trailer plus any other tents or annexes that make it suitable for the whole family. Many camper trailers can sleep quite a large family and they are very economical compared to most other RVs. They our cozy, compact, easy to tow and usually offer flexible cooking arrangements and flexible sleeping arrangements. Some also offer a lot of room. There are several main types:
    • The simplest type has a hard roof that rises from a metal or fibreglass base. There are no slide out beds or other extensions and they usually sleep a maximum of four people. This model is called a pop-up camper in some parts of the world. A typical example is a Jayco Penguin
    • Next comes a similar model with the addition of slide-out or fold-out beds at one or both ends. These will sleep up to a maximum of perhaps eight people. This model is also called a pop-up camper in some parts of the world. A typical example is a Jayco Dove.
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    • The next size up is the flip-over hard-floor model which basically doubles its floor area by flipping over. A typical example is any of the Cub Campers such as the Kamparoo and the Drover. For many people who venture into the wild, this is the best basecamp RV of all. These are called tent trailers in some parts.
    • The largest model is usually the soft floor camper trailer. These have a floor area which is often four or eight times the area the trailer was before opening up and sometimes up to 12 times that size. A typical example is the Complete Campsite.

    Only you can decide which is the best basecamp RV for you. Until then, there should be lots of opportunity for discussion around the campfire until you make your decision.

    And after there will be a stunned silence. Or maybe further debate. Time will tell.

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