Eco travel trailer

Hit the road
without hurting the planet
or your wallet

An eco travel trailer can save you fuel and money and let you travel without too many demands on the planet.

One of the biggest costs on the road is fuel, particularly if you have a big rig. A smaller rig means that your fuel costs will not only be less in total, they will sometimes be only a small part of your overall costs.

Any way that you can cut costs means you can extend your time on the road.

If you can keep your costs below your income, you can even go fulltiming. Fulltiming or full-time RVing is living permanently in an RV while you explore the open road and the byways with all the freedom and joy that it brings. You too can do it. Full-time RVing is the way to go

There are many ways to turn an ordinary trailer or caravan or trailer into a greener RV. To get a greener RV, the simple approach of "less is more" can get you a better RV. After all, what do you really need in an RV? The minimum can be better than the maximum and makes your eco travel trailer measure up to its name

There are models of RVs sold as "eco travel trailers" to make them more appealing and boost sales. They seem to suddenly appear each time the price of fuel rises significantly. So, as we head into permanently higher oil prices and greater costs of oil-derived products such as plastics, we can expect to see lots of claims of environmentally-friendly RVs.

Many of these claims will be basically false. So how do you pick whether they are accurate?

Have to pick whether a travel trailer truly is eco-friendly

A truly green RV cuts your running cost and impact on the planet by using some or all of these approaches:

  • lighter weight means less fuel used on the road and can mean less materials used and thus less impact in the manufacturing process.
  • lower roof height through having a pop top, a folding travel trailer or caravan or through being a hybrid travel trailer or caravan means less drag and thus less fuel used on the road.
  • a narrower body reduces wind drag on the road
  • matching the height and width of your trailer to the size of your towing vehicle generally means less drag, which leads to faster speeds with less fuel used and less stress.
  • many eco travel trailers may have a small size on the road but through having fold-out ends, slideouts, poptops or add on rooms they become larger and more practical once you get to your destination.
  • by minimizing projections, lumps and bumps your RV can have a smoother body shell. As a result, wind drag is reduced and fuel consumption is cut, particularly at higher freeway speeds.

So, an eco travel trailer can save you fuel, money and time and can mean you need a smaller tow vehicle and thus save on the purchase costs as well as the running costs.

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