Pop up tent as portable shelter, bathroom, shade and more

You can use a pop up tent as portable bathroom, for fast shade, a screen room for eating, playing or sleeping, as a market shelter and lots more. They go up in moments and pack down quickly.

Our shower tent takes less than 5 seconds.

Some people use a pop up tent as portable awning and annex for an RV. I've seen them for teardrops, travel trailers, truck campers, caravans and even motorhomes.

You can use a popup tent as portable protection from all sort of things:

  • wind
  • prying eyes
  • rain
  • sun
  • insects
  • other people, if you just want to be alone.

Because they have so many uses, they have a lot of names. When you're looking for one, you may have find them called names such as:

  • instant tents
  • quick tents
  • rapid tents
  • portable shelters
  • instant canopies
  • portable pyramids
  • market shelters
  • pop up tents
  • self erecting tents
  • pop up style self erecting tents
  • canopy tents
  • quick set dome tents
  • easy up instant pop up tent
  • sun blocks
  • sun block gazebos
  • portable shade and
  • outdoor rooms.

You'll know when you've found the right one, it will be perfect for whatever you want to use it for, such as:

  • camping trips
  • the beach
  • the pool
  • markets
  • kids playing in the yard
  • eating outdoors
  • shelter from the rain
  • yard sale or garage sale
  • extending your living area at home or away
  • and providing privacy

We have a pop up tent as portable bathroom tent. When we camp away from civilization, we can take it out of its bag and have it set up in less than 5 seconds. Most of that time is spent unzipping and removing it from the bag. After that we just place it on the ground and step back. It pops straight up to form a portable bathroom, toilet cubicle, shower stall and change room.

There are various models for similar uses and they come with all sorts of different descriptions including:

They come in a range of colors. Most are available in green or in a camouflage pattern, but you can find them in all sorts of patterns and colors. I prefer a bathroom tent that fades into the scenery over one that looks like a modern art statement. But some people like the idea of something bright.

You can make it into a real bathroom in the bush by adding all the necessary bits, depending on your needs such as:

  • a couple of solar shower bags that you can heat on the roof of your car, on a warm rock or on the ground
  • some way to hang your shower bag or your shower rose if you have a pumped shower
  • somewhere to drain the shower water
  • shower pouch for a suitable soap that doesn't damage the environment
  • a porta potty or some other form of toilet
  • toilet paper
  • some way to wash your hands, which could be soap and water, antiseptic wipes or antiseptic liquid
  • a way to dispose of your waste in an environmentally friendly way

Then all you need is you and your towel, and you have the complete set up.

Some instant tents come with a shower pouch and a showerhead - you supply the water and pump, which can just be a simple 12 V pump in a bucket or a drum sprayer for the garden with a hand pump and a hose that connects to the showerhead.

If you buy one of those, you will probably have a complete solution from your pop up tent as portable shower, toilet and changing room.

So, to sum up, there are lots of uses for a pop up tent as portable shelter, shade and protection.

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