RV fulltime tips - Part 1

Question: I am looking for RV fulltime tips on what is the best RV to buy so I can live on my own after a divorce?

There are no kids to worry about - they've grown up and live their own lives.

I work in an office mid-afternoon until nearly midnight. I would like something I can run my online business from, so ideally it will be comfortable. All this needs is a table, a chair, my laptop computer and its wireless internet connection. Small is OK.

I'm trying to live as cheaply as possible and keep my fulltime job until I am ready to RV fulltime.

I'm thinking a small motorized RV because then I won't need a vehicle to tow it around.

Thanks for all the RV fulltime tips on your site - Robert

This how I answered Robert when he asked for RV fulltime tips. This is part 1 of what will be a continuing series

I suggest you think about a truck camper that mounts on a one-ton truck.

I'd go for a pop top because when the top is up there is better ventilation on hot nights, more headroom over the bed and less drag on the road. There are models with or without a shower and toilet.

You can add a generator. However, I would skip the generator and go for solar panels and plenty of battery power. Your engine will top up the batteries on the road, the panels will provide power on sunny days and on some cloudy days. Generators are not appreciated in many places. Plus they cost, are noisy and smell. If you are only running a laptop and some lights (go for LEDs, to reduce battery demand). The refrigerator can be an efficient 12/24/mains voltage model or run from gas or mains.

Otherwise, a small class C motorhome (a campervan style) based on the Sprinter or similar chassis is a good idea. I would look for one where the bed can be raised to clear the lounge area underneath. That way you don't have to make up a bed at night, just press the button to lower it. By day you have the working and lounging area.

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Whatever you choose, I suggest good windows at your sitting eye height for taking in the view. This cuts the cabin fever dramatically. And you can park by the beach or near a forest so you have a good view while you work the keyboard.

That's what I do in our RV. I look out the window in between writing for this website and a few others I do. Then I might go for a walk on the beach, make a coffee, chat with my wife and generally have a good time. This is bliss while earning money towards the day when we too can live the fulltime RV life.

So that is RV fulltime tips part 1. Part two of our fulltime RV tips will follow soon.

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