RV in Texas - it's big,
warm and affordable

RV in Texas - you will love it and you can do it for a song if you boondock it.

Texas is a place many people see as big and bold. Surprisingly it is also an affordable place for camping and a great RV destination.

Two people who have spent a lot of time there have written an excellent and very affordable ebook that covers almost everything you need to know to boondock the Lone Star State for less than $250 a week for a couple in a motorhome.

Some of the easiest ways to cut RVing costs are:

  1. Boondock to cut camping costs
  2. Travel less to cut fuel costs - spend more time exploring where you are on foot or by bicycle and spend less time traveling to the next place. In other words, stay longer in each place.
  3. And there are more ways to save, including on admission fees to museums and galleries
  4. Free RV dump stations can save you $5 or$10 and they are often at a visitor center or gas station. If you know where they are, you can hold off and save.
  5. These two people with 12 years of RV travel experience have gathered and documented all kinds of useful information and tips to help you save money on groceries, dining, entertainment, entry fees, internet access and even on laundry without detracting from the enjoyment or your travels.

Boondock RV in TX

If you boondock Texas, you can save on camp fees, perhaps enough to hit the high spots in some of the great Texan cities and towns.

In this very scenic state there are plenty of free, scenic, legal and safe camping areas available. Some can fit only a few RVs and can fill quickly, others are larger and can hold a convoy of RVs.

And the authors have done it. And not just Texas. They have RVed in Arizona, boondocked New Mexico and been RV boondocking in Southern Utah and they have RVed in California. They covered each state so well that they wrote one book for each state.

You could say they have a good grip on an area of the United States that is most affordable while being warm and scenic.

And they didn't do it in some fancy expedition vehicle or luxury motorhome either. They did it in an affordable smaller motorhome.

They found the best spots to free camp and free RV in Texas

That makes it pretty good value for me and I am very happy to recommend it. If you are interested in finding out more about this wonderful ebook, including maybe downloading it and putting it into practice within minutes, you can find out more from this link that will save you $10 on that $27 $17 ebook that can show you how a couple can fulltime RV in Texas on just $250 a week.

It would be no use reading a book on how to boondock RV in Texas if it was all tall Texan tales. But this book is not like that, it's the real McCoy. If they don't think it's worth your while, they will advise you not to visit a particular attraction.

And they tell you how far it is to any Texas camping site they recommend. That means you don't waste time and fuel going there if you are better off going someplace else that's closer or better.

RV Boondocking In Southern Texas is the full name of the book and it works for any traveler in Texas: RVs, truck campers, travel trailers, motorhomes or any other recreational vehicle.

RV Boondocking In Southern Texas comes with free updates

Nothing stays the same and so there is a need for updates. They incorporate comments from readers who are using their books and from their own travels back to the area, to keep updating the book online. You get access automatically to all future updates of that RV travel guide free of charge.

If you buy through the link below there's A Bonus Guide to Basic Boondocking that you will get for free. This 23-page Frugal Shunpiker's Guide: Basic Boondocking answers the two questions the authors are asked most often: How do you do it? How do you manage to get away so often and for so long on your (limited) income?

The book answers many other questions such as:

  1. How do they live in such a small space without killing each other?
  2. Why do they prefer boondocking?
  3. Is it safe?
  4. How can they trust such an old vehicle?
  5. How do they find all these places to camp for free?
  6. How do they shower?
  7. Why don't they drive a bigger RV?
  8. Why don't they use hookups when they RV in Texas?

And they practise what they preach: They advocate frugality and they have made the ebook affordable: they sell it for less than the price of one average night at a campground.

And they give a no questions asked money back guarantee plus if you pay through PayPal using your credit card or debit card (you don't need a PayPal account) your payment is secure and PayPal 100% guarantees a direct refund for 60 days as well.

So if you want to boondock RV in Texas, here's a link that will save you $10 on that $27 $17 ebook that can show you how a couple can fulltime RV in Texas on just $250 a week.

Enjoy your trip!

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