RVing America

A great way to see a great country

RVing America is a great way to see a great country. Woody Guthrie sang This Land Is Your Land about a country that stretched from California to the New York Island and from the redwood forests of the west coast to the Gulf Stream waters in the east.

A hobo was a migratory worker or homeless vagabond, often broke. They weren't tramps, who worked only when they had to, nor bums who didn't work at all.

Guthrie was a great traveler of the country he loved. His RV was often a boxcar on a freight train surrounded by hoboes cooking on improvised stoves.

You don't have to rough it as he did, you can take a cosy and safe RV and you can stop where you want instead of only when the train does.

Like him, you can travel from the redwoods to the Gulf Stream and because you are fully set up, you can stay almost anywhere:

  • by a lake
  • by the ocean
  • in a beautiful valley
  • in the snow
  • on top of a mountain
  • or you can snowbird it down south to somewhere warm and cosy
Along the way you can meet lots of new and interesting people and have a heap of fun.

Many people see the USA as the land of the RV. It's certainly a great place to travel by RV, going from the steamy heat of Florida to the icy cool and grandeur of Alaska, the freshness of New England to the searing deserts of Nevada

As well as fun, it can be very educational. You can retrace the footsteps of the Founding Fathers or follow the wagons of the pioneers. You can visit Native American people and learn about their history and culture. In the process you can become more connected with the colorful and interesting history of this great nation.

RVing America has to be one of the great road trips of the world:

  • You can travel in safety
  • you can take your kids
  • you can leave your kids behind (but only if they've grown up!)
  • you can leave your cares behind
  • you can explore some of the most beautiful natural wonders on the planet
  • you can see some of the most wonderful human creations from space stations to museums to great buildings, incredible bridges and theme parks such as Disney World.

Don't miss out on RVing America. Start planning your trip now. We are planning our next one as I write this. See you on the road!

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