RVs and sports events
- the perfect match

RVs and sports events go well together. Having your own RV saves a lot of fiddle, stress and cost and gives a professional sports person or support person a solid base to operate from.

Many people involved in professional sports or high-level amateur sports take their RVs along with them or rent an RV to give them accommodation, a place to prepare the food they like, separation from other people and a large measure of comfort.

They typically:

  • travel to the event site after work on the Friday,
  • get set up
  • rest
  • get psyched up
  • do their best in qualifying or preliminaries on the Saturday
  • compete on the Sunday.
  • head home later on the Sunday
  • park the RV with minimal need to unpack
  • get some sleep and head off to work on the Monday

Because there is minimal packing and unpacking involved with a home on wheels, the start and end of the weekend can be relatively stress-free.

Many of these sports are not particularly popular with spectators, so site facilities are generally not great. Many competitors stay on site in converted transport vans (sharing with a smelly dog, horse, bike or car), others stay in tents or under an awning next to their van or truck. Some stay in hotels, motels or bed and breakfast places in the area. The smart and lucky ones take their RVs.

Combining RVs and sports events means that the participant is not dealing with a howling wind, a flapping tent, rain getting in or trying to sleep despite the lumps and bumps of the ground if they have not pitched the tent well.

They can get a good night's sleep for preliminaries or qualifying the next day. And in the morning, a delicious breakfast, a hot shower and all the necessary gear with you and easily accessible.

All this is possible for competitors (and their families) when they combine RVs and sports events.

And it works just as well for spectators. It sure beats sleeping in a car in the middle of a 24-hour car race as my kids and I did one time. We planned to take our RV the following year, but the event was cancelled.

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