Solar power for RVs

Solar power for RVs is mostly through photovoltaic solar panels, but there are other ways to use the sun. You can heat water, heat the RV, cool the RV and even cook with the sun.

Once you have paid for the solar cooker, solar panels, wiring, solar regulator and batteries, solar power is free. This means that you can afford to use or do things that you would not be able to do otherwise or you would have to pay for them. For example:

  • A well-designed solar system will allow you to boondock or free camp where there is no mains power or shore power to plug into. If you are set up well, this can include heating and cooling your RV as well as running entertainment units, lights and other appliances such as computers and mobile phone chargers.
  • Solar water heating can be as simple as a solar shower bag placed on the top of the RV on a sunny day. Or it can be a full system that heats a day or more of water. The simple and smaller the system you can get away with the less energy you will use.
  • Solar power for RVs can also run RV solar battery chargers so your alternator doesn't put as much load on your engine. This saves fuel and can ensure you never run out of power.
  • With a reasonable-sized RV solar power system, you can run a 12 v air conditioner to keep you cool in summer heat.
  • If you have a big enough system, with enough photovoltaic solar panels and a big enough battery power bank you can also heat your RV in winter.
  • And finally, there are solar ovens and solar cookers to heat and to cook your food.

The simpler and smaller the system used to provide solar power for RVs, the less energy used carting it around, the more money saved and the longer you can be on the road.

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